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variety of pills and capsules in wrapping

Photografie: variety of pills and capsules in wrapping
Author: Ernst-Georg Kohout
Date: 2007-03-03
Maximum available size: 18.3 Mpix.(5241 x 3494 pix.)

Lowest (724x469

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spoon filled with many different colourful pills and capsules getting into a mouth

Two capsules on a spoon in front of many tablets in blister packs, symbolic image for tablet consumption


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symbolic for taking pills

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finger pushing a capsule out of a packing with many similar capsules


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heart made of many different colourful pills and capsules on red background


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poppy capsules

syringe filled with many different colourful pills and capsules

Variety of colorful candies

Photos: Variety of colorful candies
Author: ulrich niehoff
Date: 2007-08-29
Maximum available size: 18 Mpix.(5188 x 3473 pix.)

Lowest (724x469 pix.) resolution version: 85.- E

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